Agricultural Knowledge Systems(AKS) refers to formal organizations active in agricultural and rural research, advisory services, and education. It does not only imply the public organizations, but also private and non-profit organizations. They are very often public funded.

The specific context of AKS in eight countries in Europe has been studied in order to identify possible resistance and collaboration of the AKS towards the emergence and development of LINSA. The interactions between the AKS and 17 LINSA which collaborated with the Solinsa project were also studied. The interactions between LINSA and AKS are challenging for both sides!



Comparative analysis of AKS in Europe (D3.1a)

EU Policies on AKS (D3.1b)

Policy recommendations (D7.2)

1st Dissemination workshop: Results of AKIS analysis (D6.4)

Synthesis report on LINSA analysis (D4.2a)

Final report on the SOLINSA project (D8.2)

Comparative analysis of european AKS (Factsheet 2)

Scientific papers


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