LINSA are networks of producers, customers, experts, NGOs, SMEs, local administrations, as well as official researchers and extensionists, that are mutually engaged with common goals for sustainable agriculture and rural development – cooperating, sharing resources and co-producing new knowledge by creating conditions for communication.

In the SOLINSA project, researchers collaborated with 17 networks all across Europe using a transdisciplinary method based on participation. These interactions enabled to characterise LINSA and to revise the concept of LINSA. In addition 7 Show Case LINSA were studied to complement and enhance this analysis.

LINSA studied and LINSA reports

Show Cases studied and Show Cases reports



Synthesis Report on LINSA analysis (D4.2a)

Analytical Characteristics Report on LINSA (D4.2b)

Report on LINSA and sustainable agriculture (D4.2c)

Second dissemination workshop: Result of LINSA analysis (D6.5)

Report on conceptual Framwork (D8.1)

Final report on the SOLINSA project (D8.2)

Report on show case LINSA (Task 4.3)

Innovation in agriculture: Elements for a conceptual framework (Factsheet 1)

Analysis of LINSA (Factsheet 3)

LINSA and Shows cases reports

Scientific papers

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