WP1 is about the coordination and management of the project.

WP2 aims at defining the conceptual framework on learning and innovation processes for sustainability. It will be used all along the project both to analyse the Agricultural and Knowledge Systems  in place (WP4) and when interacting with LINSA’s (WP5). It will be  revisited in WP8 towards the end of the project.

WP3 aims at analysing the trends, relation to LINSA’s and structure of the Agricultural and Knowledge Systems in 8 countries through desk sturdy and a participatory SWOT analysis.

WP5 will enable to develop a transdisciplinary learning methodology to learn within the project together with the members of a selection of LINSA’s and the expert group. Several capacity building workshops will be organized in order to co-construct the methodology and get familiar with tools that can be used to support LINSA’s.

WP4 is the core of the SOLINSA project. 17 LINSA’s will be selected covering a diversity both in terms of scale, origin and function(purely agricultural networks, non-food oriented networks and consumer oriented networks), links with the AKIS, level of learning and innovation, temporality and governance. The objectives are on one hand to better understand how LINSA’s operate, develop and are organised and on the other hand to identify effective and efficient support arrangements and tools for AKS actors.

WP6 aims at disseminating the results of the project through information oriented channels (flyer, website, newsletters) and through interactive means (training course, dissemination workshops).

Policy recommandations on how to better suppport LINSA's will be formulated in WP7.

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